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Ep 4 -5 Reason Why you Should Take Digital Marketing As Career By Shubhav Saxena

Team Podcastwale January 23, 2019 583 52 4

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What’s up everybody, you are listening to Podcastwale student podcast this is Shubhav Saxena I am a digital marketer by profession and today we are going to discuss why digital marketing is the light at the end of the tunnel called “Career”.

Okay, so let me give you a small reason why you should listen to me by sharing a small story about me, as I hail from a middle-class family, and not having anyone to guide me to the right career path I always choose to listen to my heart to do things and also as from the beginning money-making was always on my mind I always ended up searching about “make money online” as most of you would have also searched about it, but never ended up doing anything or
apply anything I learned back then.

For me, all this started 8 to 10 years back when all this ecosystem was not available and even the digital marketing was majorly known as “Internet Marketing” and the kind of help you can get now was also not available back then and now I have been practising it from last 3 to 4 years
now, so you can say I have done a little bit of it.

It has been a great journey so far. But the real question arises is why you should or can take up digital marketing as a career and I can give you 5 reasons for this.

1st and the Biggest fact is it does not require any degree you can come from any stream or even from no stream, so you can say it is really easy to enter in this profession ( given that you are really inclined towards marketing or should have a marketing mindset)

2nd, it is one of the if not highest but is definitely a well-paid job out there in the market right now.

3rd, not only money is one of the things but it is one of those professions which can provide you with the freedom to work from anywhere in the world or your home if you choose not to be a slave for anyone.

4th, There are an ample amount of opportunities are available in different companies at different positions from beginner to expert and it’s not just in India the requirement is worldwide Which gives you are an international reach and chance to cater not only to India but to the world
while sitting at the comfort of your home or any other remote location.

Now 5th and the most important part, how would you enter into this world of digital marketing make a career out of it, so as I am no expert in it and still in my learning phase but i can definitely share some to do’s in order to.

Don’t Believe on all the information available online, yeah i can understand its free but the fact is most of it is misinformation.

Start following some of the known digital marketers you like
Join Communities around Digital Marketing, they are available nearly on every platform like Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc but you can start with Facebook communities as they are easy to find my one recommendation would be uppskill’s digital marketing communities as it is one of the best not only because of the quality of content and information being shared there but also because of the people behind it.

Last but not the least start investing in yourself and this doesn’t mean getting yourself new clothes or pampering yourself I can understand that it’s important to but here investment is more in terms of getting right knowledge from the right people, try to get into an offline course and get
yourself a mentor this will reduce the time it will take you to get to the right speed and at par with other professionals.

Get yourself an internship or a job or start a blog of yourself if possible so that you can apply what you have learnt.

And also always remember digital marketing is not only about following certain step but it’s more about believing the process and keep learning.

With that said I would like to thank you for listening to it till here, this was Shubhav Saxena your very own digital know-mad signing off till the next time.

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