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It Starts With An Idea Of Empowering Students Of UppSKill

At UppSkill we often take unorthodox ways of learn things, the best way to learn it to practice whatever you learned and master the little part of the big skills, Projects Podcastwale starts with the idea to push students to write and record whatever they learned.

You can access their podcasts at The Student Podcast Section

“No one teach or train you unless and until you try”

We also have different section to encourage the community to come out to their comfort zone as well

Be Free And Adopt The Audio Revolution

The 2nd reason to do this to push the entire ecosystem toward creating content in audio format, to show them that they can be successful in the audio format as well.

This will help our Indian ecosystem to by par with other ecosystem in the world where they already adopt this kind of changes.

A lot of content in this site will be created by community members, so this is kind of our gratitude toward community as well where we give them recognition by our plateform.

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