Ep 2 -Can We use Our Own Fear To Our Advantage

Team Podcastwale September 18, 2019 119

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Today we will talk about two human emotions we call “Fear” and “Courage”. I often see people saying they are “Fearless” – they are not scared of anything or anyone. While it’s sometimes good to be Fearless but for survival, the people with courage can last longer and do incredible things.

Fear and Courage have relationships like classic superhero and villain, one can’t exist without the other, if there is no fear there will be no courage. Life would be downright boring with fewer adventures less brave things to do.

Let us first understand what is fear, According to the definition “an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.” We can define fear in various categories but the biggest fear is “Fear of Failure”.

Fear is also an alert system. It alerts you about the situation that there might be an outcome which can be a failure. If you are fearless, your alert system will not work hence it will impact your decision making capability.

Fear is a fundamental part of making a good decision which is based on failure and success both but for that, you need to be courageous, not fearless. Be afraid of your fear but don’t let it run your decision in fact, use it to make your decision better, wiser and more solid.

For more read this blogpost by Arbab Usmani

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