E16 – LinkedIn Company Pages Now Includes Employee Moment too

Team Podcastwale October 16, 2019 88

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LinkedIn released 3 new updates

  1. Employee Notification
  2. Kudos and Team Moment
  3. Completion Meter For Pages

Employee Notification

You can now send a notification to your employees so that they can engage with your content and share the company update.

Kudos and Team Moment

According to LinkedIn ” With Kudos and Team Moments, Page Admins can leverage a custom content format built specifically to welcome new team members, spotlight outstanding work, and recognize the people behind an organization’s pivotal moments.

By highlighting the people behind your brand, you reveal the human side of your organization to prospective customers and employees.”

Completion Meter

Basically LinkedIn pushed their agenda of the complete page using this update and provides a meter where you can see what area of pages are not completed and you work on that.

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