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Ep 1 – Why Influencer Marketing Is Important By Aman Narula

Team Podcastwale January 23, 2019 711 147 3

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This podcast is in student podcast series.

Student of UppSkill which is a training institute upload podcast as one of their task in training.

This podcast was scripted and recorded by Aman Narula

you can reach out to him here

Here is the transcript of the podcast

Hello everyone, it’s Aman this side and today I’m going to talk about influencer marketing. When I first stepped into this field, I hardly realised the importance that it has. 21st century saw the rise of the internet and the burst of social media platforms in the last decade has made it an inseparable part of our lives. People devote more time scrolling down Instagram than they do watching television. People devote more time surfing through their Facebook feeds than they do reading newspaper. You get the idea.

Traditional means of marketing is not that cost-effective nowadays. Social media gives the opportunity for people to connect and interact with other people. Whether a user is sharing his/her day to day life or putting out information or just uploading scenic pictures, if we like their content, we follow them. And when we start following them, subconsciously we build trust in them. This is when they begin to have an influence on the choices we make. When a user grows in following and starts influencing a large number of people, we call him/her a social media influencer. Be it Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, these creators reach out to a large number of people who are viewing their content and have built trust in them. So if a travel Youtuber suggests buying travel kit from Decathalon, users will buy it from Decathalon. If a lifestyle Instagrammer uses a particular beauty product, users will also use the same beauty product. You get the idea.

Well, of course, that never means the entire following of the influencer will buy or use the product that is being promoted. However, the amount of people that these influencers can reach out to is tremendous and has made it one of the most cost-effective means of marketing.

With more and more people joining the platforms and many of them taking content creation as a profession, the growth in the field of influencer marketing is humongous.

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