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Ep 2 What Did I Learn From ‘5 AM Club’ By Abhishek Lakra

Team Podcastwale January 23, 2019 855 251 4

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This podcast is in student podcast series.

Student of UppSkill which is a training institute upload podcast as one of their task in training.

This podcast was scripted and recorded by Abhishek Lakra

You can connect with him here

You can read script here

  • Hello friends myself Abhishek lakra, I want to share you my views regarding book 5 am a club.
  • So, I read 5 am club by Robin Sharma. I am not a usual reader, my mentor gave this book to me. When I read this book initially I didn’t find it to be interesting but I kept on going and soon I found that this is the book and values I always wanted from long. I think my Mentor Mr Arbab Usmani found that.
  • What I learnt from 5 Am club is, You can do it and you can do it right. It’s just you need to train your mind to do that. Our little mind has a lot of things which distracts and destroy our focus and take you away from your goal. With regular 20/20/20 formula mentioned in the book and other important tasks, you can learn to be more focused, confident and achieve brilliantly in your life.
  • Every decision you make in your life reflects the future position. So it is very important that your brain functions like that and makes the right decisions in your life. From this book, you can learn how to train your brain smartly without even knowing it.
  • Difficulties to be a part of the 5 am a club. I am trying to be in 5 am a club but still couldn’t as I am unable to wake up at 5 am, Even though I make an alarm of 4:30 bt wake up till 5:15 then I do 20/20/20 formula. But I am trying hard to be a part of 5 am a club.
  • One thing I want to share is that our mind is a very lazy ass, It will constantly stop you for waking up at 5 am. To keep it motivating take someone with yourself while doing the daily routine, I take my dog with myself, her name is “puchu”. When I didn’t wake up till 5:30 she is the one who sits on my head.
  • I learned that you have to find a reason to do great things in your life, otherwise it will be difficult for you to motivate throughout your journey
  • The regular routine will not only make you focused bt also help you to regain your self-confidence.
  • Its been 10 days I am following this daily routine and yes there are changes I can feel that. But I need to do it for 66 days and I believe I can do that.
  • So last thing but not the least “All changes is hard at first, messy in middle and gorgeous at the end” “Own your morning elevate your life” – The spellbinder words.
  • Thank you
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