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Ep1 – Technology Brings Some Bad News For Her?

Team Podcastwale January 23, 2019 1069 158 4

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This is a fictional story written by Mohul Ghosh

* Whatsapp Live Location ****

Sarika had just learnt about Whatsapp’s ‘Share Live Location’ feature from Amar.

“It can track me up to 8 meters, you see.. “. Her lover, her husband and her best friend Amar had explained this just 48 hours back.

“So, I can track you every time, everywhere. I will know, whether you are near me or not!” Sarika had squealed with joy.

They had been married for 6 years and were expecting their first child.


“Are, why are you enabling live location now? I will be up, 35,000 feet in the air, and there will be no internet or GPS”, Amar chided Sarika, as she fumbled with his phone.

Boarding had started, and it was time for Amar to leave Sarika, and go out of town for a week.

“Let’s see, how far can you go away from me.. ” Sarika’s eyes had sprinkles of tears, as she saw Amar leaving.


1.5 km away. 2.9 km away.

The Live Location feature kept on updating her distance from Amar, as Sarika drove away to her home.

Occasionally she glanced towards the phone, which lay purposelessly at the seat beside her in the car.

She missed Amar, and she was feeling bad. Her stomach churned and she resisted that tear. The world felt colourless. His smell still lingered around her.


35 km away. That was the last update she saw, before parking the car.

She opened the door, went inside, and kept the phone away.

Changed to her nightgown, and settled on the couch to rip open the Chinese noodles pack she had ordered on the way, and switched on the TV.

She decided to check Live location of Amar one last time. Hell, he must be 1000 km away now, she almost giggled.

120 meters away. Whatsapp’s Live Location blipped with a menace. She felt her heartbeats in her mouth. How the hell..?

100 meters.

She felt the tiny hairs on her back straightened out. Amar’s smell engulfed her senses.

50 meters.

She thought she was fainting. 10 meters.

Suddenly the news anchor on the TV announced, “We are receiving some bad news.. Flight number… “

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