Ep3 – If You Don’t Talk About Yourself Then No One Will

Team Podcastwale October 11, 2019 98

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The reason I am talking about this because I found many people saying that their hard work and quality of work will tell the world, while this phrase is very ideal to hear and show that people have self-integrity but it has a basic flaw and that flaw is Time.

The most important asset you have in your life is not money, not property, not your hard work, not your intelligence but the Time you have, you have very limited time in your life and you don’t have control over it, its an external single most powerful factor which can change dynamics very quickly.

Why people don’t talk about their contribution to work

  1. Because of pseudo-self-respect
  2. Because they think that people will judge them and call them bootlicker of your boss

Why people should talk about their work

  1. Because it’s their right to talk about your work
  2. Because people judge you anyway, let them do it and if you are using your right to talk about your work then it doesn’t mean you are the bootlicker, remember people can be jealous and you don’t want to restrict yourself over what others say, It’s your life and it should be your choice
  3. Because if your immediate boss know what exactly is your contribution and skills, then he can take more risk with you because he understands your skill in a better way
  4. Since he understands your skill in a better way it will put you both in a strategic situation  from where the company will rise and along with company you will rise
  5. Addition responsibility means additional chances of learning things
  6. It will save your time, it actually boosts your skills in less time, so your growth will be more

Why people should not talk about their work

  1. They actually didn’t do anything
  2. There is no motivation in work
  3. They are not confident enough

In my career, on the motivation basis, I met 3 kinds of boss

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