Ep6 – Gumnaam Toh Likh Lun

Team Podcastwale October 21, 2019 82

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dil khush hai bahut ,
sochta hun paigam toh likh lun,

naam na sahi par gumnaam toh likh lun ,

dosti hoti hai kya tujhse sareaam toh sikh lun,

aur apne pyaar ka anjaam toh dekh lun,

zamane ki fikr nahi ab mujhe ,
tere mere beech me ye sunsaan toh dekh lun,

apna banaya hai tujhe ,
ab sareaam toh dekh lun,

dil me ab kasak nahi chahat hai teri ,
ab is zamane ko hairan toh dekh lun,

zanjeeron ko tod ke paya hai tujhe ,
sargoshi me girti wo chattan toh dekh lun,

falak aur zameen ke beech tu hi hai ab ,
thoda ruk jao ,dil bhar ke is pyaar ka anjaam toh dekh lun

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