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Team Podcastwale July 10, 2020 37

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As a marketer, we all are the content creator as well, and one of the very rich resources of the content is books.

Books help in various ways

  1. It helps us to think differently and open up our imagination
  2. It helps us to practice mental image where we can create a persona of anything just using words

I read a lot of books to get different ideas about the world and I think all marketers should also read books due to the reason it gives you some superpower.

Books give you strength and some time makes you vulnerable, these all come from the magic of the words.
As a reader, you go to explorer a word which is only in your mind and you imagine things which are not present yet you feel connected to it.
I have listed my reasons why a marketer should read books

In the comment section tell me about Your favourite book so we can also have some good recommendation.

Mine is
5 people you meet in heaven
The Krishna Key
Thinking fast and slow
Da Vinci code

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