Why taking a break from routine is important?

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Sometimes we get so caught up in our work that we completely forget that this can affect the quality of our work. We often lose focus on our goal. Thus, taking a break becomes very important, no matter what work we are doing.

Taking a break from the job or the routine work will keep our stress levels in check and will allow us to come back to our work with a clear mind, a new perspective and new ideas.

Please understand, taking a break does not mean that we have given up on something or we are not responsible. It simply means that we are taking care of ourselves.

There are different ways in which you can change the routine life and take a break:
• A small vacation without your gadgets
• Go shopping
• Learn something new, like cooking or music
• Spend time with your pet
• Go on an adventure trip
• Re-decorate your house

Students can take small breaks in between their study hours by listening to some music, playing the guitar, going for a walk, clean the study place, taking a nap, cook some quick meal….

Thus, a work schedule with systematic and timely breaks is the key to success.

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