Your Emotions Needs A Direction, Here is Why?

Team Podcastwale December 10, 2019 109

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Hi friends,

First of all, I welcome you to this section of the podcast where we talk about self-help.

In this podcast, we are touching a very sensitive topic that is your emotions and how it can drive your life positively or negatively.

Whenever we encounter any emotion in our life our brain works in a mysterious way. It releases some chemicals known as a neurotransmitter.

In short, it activates those chemicals in different situations, and we act according to it, it means it wants to be get balanced so we release it using some actions.

For example, when we are happy we laugh, we share the news with family and friends, we distribute sweets, we dance, we sing, etc, etc.

For example, if we are angry we shout, we harm others and if we don’t then this anger turns in to depression and we harm ourselves as well.

these all the things we do to release so that our brain chemicals can be in the equilibrium position.

Think this as a toxic body wants to throw away from our body and it uses actions to do that.

Now if we can control those actions then we can use this toxic to gain success and become a better person.

For example, if we want to beat someone, we can use a punching bag and have a great shape.

For example, if we are angry because someone says that you are nobody, we had two choices either invest that energy to engage with the person which will have no result most of the time, or use that energy to motivate us in our work and become successful.

Kill them with success and burry them with smile

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